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What IS improv?

Improv is conversation.

Yes, it’s a form of theatre, often comedic, during which unscripted scenes develop from simple suggestions from the audience.

Learning improvising skills changes how we interact with the world.

We learn to listen.
We learn to be in the moment.
We learn to trust in ourselves in our ability to engage and interact with others.
We learn confidence in creating conversations by making offers and responding to offers given to us.
We learn to let things go. The product isn’t always Shakespeare and that’s okay.

Improv is magical conversations that develop from thin air.

And the best part? Improv skills are taught through easy-to-learn exercises in spontaneity.

Whether you’re a performer or you want to sharpen your conversational skills for personal, social or professional interactions, improv will change your game.

We promise.

We’re so confident of our classes, that if you try one and don’t like it, we’ll refund your money.

Our workshops and shows are ideal for ages 18-95. (In fact, the older you are, the more you can draw on from your journey so far.)

What ISN’T improv?

Some people may think learning improv is scary or could be embarrassing.
It’s NOT. It shouldn’t be.

Linda Kash always says “learning improv is more rollercoaster-adrenaline-fun kind of scary and not being-pushed-off-a-cliff kind of scary.”

In teaching, we foster a learning environment where students support each other; it’s important to us that everyone feels a sense of belonging and safety. We’re proud to be growing a trusted community of improvisers with a tight rapport both in-class, on-stage and outside of improv.

In performance, we keep things clean and always try to lead with positive choices. klusterfork’s improv shows aim high. Our improv does not go for shock value; you’ll not get bawdy, crude jokes or any content that could offend or alienate any individuals or groups.

In fact, we’d estimate that 98% of our content is family friendly and squeaky clean. (But sometimes, s**t happens.) 🤪

Why improv? Here’s a Because or two…

…to try something different
…to experience learning something in a safe and supportive environment
…to be less awkward in social and professional events
…to improve conversation, presentation and communication skills
…to strengthen your acting chops
…to bring out your inner clown
…to train your brain to be in the moment
…to bring more play and laughter back into your life
…to meet incredible, funny and brave people just like you
…to take on a new skill in which the first rule of learning is to support and protect
…to be part of a tight-knit community filled with kind, creative, brave people

How big are classes?

We keep classes small (usually no more than 16 people) so everyone gets equal time listening, watching and playing.

How does a newbie prepare for improv?

The same way as improvisers of all skill levels: just show up, bring your best self and be in the moment. Even the pros get nervous, so use it as fuel to energize you! We work hard to make everyone feel comfortable and with students mostly playing games in pairs of two, there’s plenty of time for you to watch and listen and learn. The number one rule of improv is “I got your back”. All good improvisers protect their scene mates. After all, we’re here to have fun.

Who are the Instructors?

We have unique access to an incredible pool of pedigreed talent with Canadian and international performance and teaching experience. From Second City alumni and grads of Canada’s renowned National Theatre School, many of our Instructors are highly decorated with top honours in comedy, acting and improv from the Canadian Comedy Awards and ACTRA Screen Awards. They are supportive, encouraging and often hilarious. And they have as much fun as the students do.

Visit our Instructors and Performers and About Us pages to learn more about the folks behind klusterfork entertainment and past live shows.

What else do I need to know?

Visit our Instructors, Performers and About pages to learn more about the folks behind klusterfork entertainment and past live shows.

Where and when are classes?

Improv workshop sessions are two hour classes that run eight weeks and are held at St. James United Church, 221 Romaine Street, Peterborough K9J 2C3. We usually run two Fall Sessions (September/October and November/December), a Winter Session (Jan/Feb) and two Spring Sessions (March/April and May/June). Summer sessions are determined based on demand. Sign up for our newsletter (at bottom of page) to get early announcements about upcoming workshops and shows.

klusterfork supports and encourages diversity. Bring your best self and you’re already a perfect fit.

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