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LOL Improv Workshops

Learn OnLine and get your laugh back on track.

We offer a safe and welcoming learning environment.

(It’s fun and easy! Check out the LOL FAQs.)

Study with the industry’s best!

Workshops in:
Musical Theatre,
Stand-Up Comedy

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Learn OnLine workshops on sale in September.
Space is limited. Don’t miss out!

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What do I need to LOL?

You need a strong Internet connection and a device with working microphone and camera. You want a quiet place without interruptions. You don’t want to be near blenders and chainsaws. Nor do you want to wake sleeping babies with your uncontrollable laughter.

How many people can join on one screen?

Two people can share a device if they have both enrolled and will get equal playing time. No more than two per screen please.

What if I’ve paid but can’t make a class or my Internet is down?

Since each class happens only once, sadly, we can’t make do-overs happen. Lock it in your calendar, check your tech status early and come ready to play!

How does a newbie prepare for improv?

Same way we all do, just show up, bring your best self and be in the moment. Some instructors encourage people being on their feet but otherwise, whatever is comfortable for you is best. Even the pros are a bit nervous before performing – use it as fuel to energize you! We create a safe place for everyone to feel comfortable. Since students mostly playing games in pairs of two or three, there’s plenty of time to watch, listen and learn. After all, we’re here to have fun.

What else do I need to know?

Visit our about and archives pages to learn more about the folks behind klusterfork entertainment and past live shows.

klusterfork supports and encourages diversity.
Improv is a team sport that wins when everyone gets to play. Bring your best self and you’re already a perfect fit.

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klusterförk is coming…

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